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HIS WAY II      1997 – 2017  Twenty Years and counting….

Twenty Years ago in Southern Gospel Music…

In Syracuse, Indiana Mike Chesnut started HIS WAY II and the journey began for gospel music in a spirit filled trio as they shared the Gospel message in song.

Twenty years is a long time, over the years Mike put his pent to work capturing inspiration from reading the Bible or a special,meaningful moment along the way.  “On Your Knees”, ” I Heard my Mother Sing”, “Fix Your Eyes on Jesus”, “On My Way”, “Once You’ve Been to Calvary”, “He Will Make a Way”, “Isaiah 43”, and more.  From the hope we sing about to the joy we relish, we are always thankful for the Spirit of God that we sense at the conclusion of a weekend journey on the bus.  Each special event no matter how many are in attendance provides an opportunity to spread the Gospel.  That’s the purpose.  An opportunity to pray for someone in need or to use the Time to Revive material in sharing God’s Salvation plan is all we ask for.  Sure, we love to raise our voices in harmony or hit the right notes that swell, but it doesn not mean anything if we just sing with price.  It’s all about the Cross!!!!

We are happy to make your acquaintance, to add you to our prayer list, Live Concert notification shout outs and to see j oyful faces praising God as we sing.  It is not about the music it is about the Growh in HIM we have experienced  by seeing HIS Spirit move across the land today.  What a privilege we have to make the best of it all for HIM!  It’s HIS WAY II, we follow HIM and present His Love in song.

On the bus there is a sign containing the scripture passage Jeremiah 29:11-13.  It’s the Promise!  Our dreams going forward are bigger than our memories of the past years.  We look forward to 2017 as the year of celebration!  Whether we meet new friends, share the stage with old friends in song or step on to stages where we have never been, we only endeavor to work for HIM and give HIM praise!  So join us and Praise Him as you listen to our message in song this year.  Happy Twentieth let’s Celebrate the Savior.

As we look back we are not the authors of our story!  2017 is the year as we are guided down the path for HIM!